Booking Conditions


If the Hirer wishes to cancel before the date of the event, the fee may be refunded at the discretion of the Village Hall Committee.

Conditions of Hire

  1. The Hall must be vacated half an hour after the booking ends.
  2. Rooms must be left clean and tidy, with all rubbish disposed of by the Hirer.
  3. The Hirer must not use the premises for any purpose other than that described in the Hire agreement and must not sub-let or allow the premises to be used for any unlawful purpose.
  4. The Hirer shall be liable for the cost of repair of any damage (including accidental and malicious damage) done to any part of the premises or the contents of the premises.
  5. The Hirer shall be liable for any claims resulting from of any nuisance caused to a third party as a result of the use of the premises by the Hirer.
  6. No alterations or additions may be made to the premises nor may any fixtures be installed or placards, decorations or other articles be attached in any way to any part of the premises without the prior approval of the Hall Manager.
  7. The number of people on the premises must not exceed 100 within the Main Hall, or 30 in Committee Room.
  8. The Hirer must comply with all notices regarding escape routes and fire appliances, and to the end of session checks to be carried out.
  9. The Hirer is responsible for securely locking the premises after use and returning the key to the Booking Manager.
  10. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that they comply with all legal requirements relevant to the activities they are carrying out in the Hall.
  11. The Village Hall holds a license for the sale of alcohol.  However, its conditions are such that it can only normally be used by regular users of the Hall.  Use of the license by others is at the discretion of the Hall Manager and Management Committee.  No alcohol may be sold without permission, and signed agreement must be in place.  If permission is not granted by Management Committee, then a TEN (temporary events notice) can by obtained by applying to Bromsgrove Council. Please be advised this process takes around 6 weeks.
  12. Smoking is not permitted within any part of the Hall building.
  13. Animals are not permitted within the Hall buildings, with the exception of guide dogs, unless previously agreed with the Hall management.
  14. Parking. Please do not obstruct the entrances or garages; or park in front of adjacent properties. Parking is available in the nearby public Car Park, accessed from Tanyard Lane.
  15. The Hirer should ensure that the noise level within and in the vicinity of the Hall does not disturb people in adjacent properties.
  16. The Hirer must comply with any additional Conditions of Hire that are attached to this agreement.